Philippines: Storm Damages Ship, Threatens Spill BY MAREX


Three holes were torn in the hull of a bulk carrier when tropical storm Queenie sent the loaded vessel smashing onto its berthing dolphin in Bohol, the Philippines. The now-stuck MV Goldeneye fell victim to huge waves. Its side was scraped and hull punctured, according to a Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) official. The ship’s bunkers must be offloaded and the vessel refloated before it can be pulled off its grounding and towed to a drydock, reports SeaShip News. However, the PCG has concerns that waves caused by another tropical storm, Ruby, could free the vessel and cause an oil spill from the 300 tonnes of bunkers onboard.

Putting Philippines’ east coast towns at risk, Bunkerworld commented that “a spill of that magnitude is enough to trigger a national disaster.” The MV Goldeneye was loaded with limestone at the time of the incident.