Welcome to Our Home Page

Marigon Nautical Consultants Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore was formed in October 1999 and Marigon Nautical Consultants LDA, a company incorporated in Portugal was formed in November 2018.

We are a marine consultancy that prides itself in its performance and commitment. We believe that our success and expansion is dependent on building strong bonds and relationships, where commitment to excellence is more important than the immediate benefit, with great importance placed on respecting and treasuring our clients and customers.

We welcome you to read the services we offer and utilise our professional input into your business. Though we have endeavoured to be explicit, additional items and matters can be covered. These can be tailor made to your needs and requirements. Our ideology is that the customer is always right. We would prefer to be known as the much needed extension of your team and business, not an intrusion. We believe that successful, contended and happy clients make successful consultants. Your success is our success.

Please feel free to communicate with us and offer suggestions towards improvement.