Lysblink Seaways Leaking Diesel Oil, by Marex

No. 1. Leaking Oil

By Wendy Laursen

There has been a further release of diesel oil from the DFDS Group vessel, Lysblink Seaways, which remains aground at Kilchoan off the Scottish Coast.

Following discussions between the Secretary of State’s representative (SOSREP) Hugh Shaw and U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s counter-pollution team, an absorbent boom has been put in to cope with the oil leak from the starboard side of the vessel. The agency has not provided an estimate of the volume of the leak.

A team from Svitzer Salvage is currently on board the vessel conducting a detailed damage assessment. 

Weather conditions have moderated slightly making it easier to use equipment. Briggs Marine vessels Forth Jouster and Kingdom of Fife are on scene and are supporting the salvage operation.

Lysblink Seaways was on its way from Belfast to Norway when it ran aground in the early hours of Wednesday February 18 at Kilchoan on the remote peninsula of Ardnamurchan.

Tobermory RNLI’s volunteer crew launched the Severn class lifeboat, Elizabeth Fairlie Ramsey, shortly after 3am to go to the aid of the vessel which was hard aground on rocks close to the ferry slipway. The salvage operation remains ongoing and Tobermory RNLI’s volunteer crew remains on standby. Image credit: Jon Haylett/Kilchoan Diary