Italy: Six Arrested in ‘Operation Ghost Ship’, bt Marex


By Kayla Turner

Italy’s Guardia di Finanza, also known as the financial police, have arrested six people accused of stealing millions of euros from the state with a fake contract to refuel a sunken navy tanker on Monday. Three navy officers were arrested for their part in the plot.

Italian businessmen supplied on paper 11 million liters of oil to a military base in Sicily for a tanker which had sunk in 2013. According to AFP, the culprits submitted a bill for over 7.0 million euros ($8.7 million) to the Treasury for the oil, which the navy officers signed for — with one even attesting to the quality of the product for the ship, the doomed Victory 1.

The actual ship was wrecked in September 2013 in the Atlantic Ocean, and some crew members are still officially missing.

A police statement said the money had been seized under court order, while raids were being carried out at the homes and offices of those arrested as part of the operation, named “Ghost Ship”.