Grounded Tanker Blocks St. Lawrence Seaway, by Marex

Jo Spirit

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By MarEx

The M/T Jo Spirit ran aground in the South Shore Canal of the St. Lawrence Seaway near Montreal on Monday. Traffic was blocked for several hours, but the tanker has since been reflated.

It was transporting rum to Cuxhaven, Germany.

St. Lawrence Seaway officials said the incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. on October 19. The vessel reportedly experienced an engine failure which caused it to veer off course and hit the canal’s wall. dont ask dont tell The ship’s engineers have rectified the engine problems, but it needed assistance from tugboats to be freed.

At least three vessels were delayed by the tanker blocking the seaway entrance.

The Jo Spirit is a Norwegian-flagged 6,285 dwt vessel owned by JO Tankers. It sustained minimal damage in the incident. There were no injuries and no pollution.

The Federal Transportation Safety Board is investigating the grounding.