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Capt. Sanjeev Khanna started his marine career in 1975, as a Cadet with Great Eastern (GESCO), one of the most prestigious shipping companies in the world. He took over a new building Product Tanker at Scott-Lithgow, Scotland.

1981: He moved onto Mobil, one of the largest oil companies in the world as a Second Officer. He took over the new building Product carrier at Sumitomo, Yokosuka- Japan. Going on to stay with Mobil till the rank of a Master.

1997: Came ashore to work as a Marine Consultant in Singapore.

1999: Set up Marigon Nautical Consultants Pte Ltd in Singapore to provide more professional and enhanced service in Risk Assessment.

2018: Set up Marigon Nautical Consultants LDA in Portugal to  expand the operations in Europe and continue the good service.